Skydiving Health Benefits


Skydiving pic

A business management graduate from Jamestown College, Corey Seckerson is the chief executive officer of Seckerson Farms. Aside from overseeing business operations, his responsibilities include inventory control, machinery maintenance, and the creation of crop yield projections. During his free time, Corey Seckerson enjoys skydiving.

About three million skydives are made by experienced skydivers and first timers every year. Many people try out this activity to satisfy their thirst for excitement and a new experience. But jumping out of an airplane is more than just an adrenaline rush, as it can bring physical, psychological, and emotional benefits to the skydiver.

Skydiving strengthens the upper arms as well as the muscles of the lower body. One’s upper arms get a workout when controlling the parachute as it descends. While preparing for and during takeoff, the entire body has much to do, toning a skydiver’s muscles and burning his or her energy.

Skydiving brings relief from stress. Executing a jump makes a person concentrate on the activity at hand and think of nothing else. The intense need to focus and the adrenaline rush aid in cleansing the mind and the body.

Skydiving helps in conquering fear. Tagged as a very extreme activity, skydiving assists many people face their fears. When a person conquers such a challenging activity, he or she often comes away feeling ready to face almost anything.


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